Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor, doctor...

Saw the new doc this morning. He thinks I have Lyme Disease! That's a new one, for sure. Whatever, it's a blood test, he's running a blood panel anyway of course, and if he's right he is and if he's wrong then the subject goes away. I do have all of the symptoms of it. It just doesn't seem likely, seeing as I live in New York City and spend exactly zero time in the woods.

Though, come to think of it... Jonathan's parents live on the side of a mountain. And we do go visit them. And we do tromp in the woods a bit when we go out there... And they have dogs.

Oh crap.

Well, I'll find out in two weeks or less.

I'm having them check on the pregnancy thing too - just so I can put the final nail in that coffin.

And in conclusion, no Lyme Disease please?

Thank you and goodnight.

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