Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just pick somethin, wouldya?

Well, I made it to New Orleans. The flight wasn't too terrible. I spent parts of it trying to be distracted by my book, and parts of it trying to pretend that we were just being made to sit in a very loud and uncomfortable room while waiting for something we wanted - which is sort of true, isn't it? And then once we caught sight of the Northshore and Lake Pontchartrain I was so excited to be home that I forgot all about the previous three hours. Really it all went as easy at it could have as far as wait times, so no complaints here.

Of course, we'd been in town for exactly two hours before my mother had made me cry. But isn't that just a mother's way?

That first day, Sunday, I stayed awake for too long and tried to do too much on the four hours of sleep we'd gotten before the flight. As my reward I was awoken at 6 am on Monday by my right calf, in spasm. In the past year or so these spasms have become less forgiving: the main attack will subside, but the muscles along the bone will continue in their excitement for a couple of hours if left to their own devices, leaving me sore for a week. So basically with these things I just don't play anymore. I made poor Jonathan get out of bed and get me a drink so that I could take a flexaril. It of course left me a bit groggy all day, but at least I'm not as sore as I would have been.

This is how it's been lately - each day it's something different, some new body part erupting. I wake up and start to feel it out - what today? Sunday it was that spot between my spine and my shoulder blade, so that each time I took a breath the pain went from a dull ache to something of a stab. Monday was the leg. Each time I stood up I'd have to spend 30 seconds to a minute stretching it out before I could walk again. Today? Well today is early yet, but it's working itself up to be a neck-right shoulder-left sciatic combo. Woo! I'm hoping that once I manage to move around some it will subside a bit.

Because today we have a tasting with the caterer! And I want to be able to enjoy that. I want to be thinking about the food, not about the pain in my back. I'm a little worried about my stomach - lately it's had this attitude like, uh, you put food in me? Solid food!? And you expect me to just stand for that?? I do have some reason for hope though, because I did make it through a dinner at Juan's Flying Burrito last night without incident.

So, here's me, crossing my fingers in the hopes of a pleasant afternoon. Naturally I hope you have one too. :P

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