Saturday, August 29, 2009

Improving, slowly.

Slowly but surely? Maybe. On Thursday I had a massage, which was great. We may have worked a bit too deeply on some serious knots that hang out beneath the edges of my shoulder blades, as I was a bit sore on Friday. But all in all I think it really helped. I've found a massage therapist who really gets me. That relationship is all-important with all treaters - that when you talk, they listen and understand what you're saying, whether it's about your health or your worldview.

After the massage, it was the first time this week that I actually felt at home and alright in my body. Not that I felt fabulous or anything. But I'd been really nervous about whether or not I could even handle being in the city, and there I was walking (slowly) across town doing fine. I had an appointment with my therapist - my psychotherapist, that is - and I shared with her my concerns about being on two drugs that inhibit norepinephrine reuptake, among other things. She never has a whole lot of input, unless something really dramatic is going on. She draws me out with very few words and before I know it I'm going on and on about things I didn't even know were bothering me. That's because she's good.

Friday I had to run many errands, but fortunately Jonathan was off of work so he accompanied me. I did fine, just got very tired. I started off with a visit to my chiropractor, which helped of course. For reasons unknown my neck was unusually tight and we had trouble getting it adjusted, but we did get some release out of it. Maybe my stretching will help and we'll do better next week. In the afternoon I took a nap - I couldn't help it. Hours in the city left me completely exhausted. But I made myself get up, lest I sleep for too long and not be able to sleep at bedtime. In the evening Jonathan and I took a nice walk, even if it was in the rain, and then I stretched for a good 45 minutes. It's probably the best day I've had yet.

Today, it's still early so I'm not sure yet. The changing weather never helps, and I'm feeling a variety of trembles and headaches that could be the new medication or could be something else. I'm a bit achy, but nothing too serious I don't think. But any way about it, it's significantly better than how the week began, laying in bed writing in pain.

Here's hoping that my hard work pays off, and that the upward trend continues.

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